what are we all about?

We just love great tasting food.

We are the only business in the UK that produces truly great restaurant quality sauces on an industrial scale. We might only produce the saucy bit, but our creativity starts with the consumer and their meal occasion.

Our aim is to create and be part of delivering the most exciting meals that WOW our consumers.

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what’s our vision?

We want to make it easy to eat incredibly tasty meals at home.

Think of freshly made gravy that evokes the nostalgia of family dinners with your Grannie or a lip smacking sauce for the barbie that makes your eyeballs melt and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what we are about.

Our vision is pretty straight forward. Take the ordinary, make it extraordinary and make as many mouths as possible water along the way.

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who do we work with?

We work best with people who share our strong culinary and personal values. That’s not only directly with many of the UK supermarkets but also in partnership together with the leading protein suppliers across the UK and Ireland.

We’ve built our relationships on the pace of our response, the quality of our product and the reliability of our delivery. We’re honest in our approach and people say we’re fun to work with too.

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how are we wired?

We are inspired by the varieties of colours, flavours and textures that emerge from across the world to form the trends and dishes we see in restaurants and on the tele. These sparks of inspiration drive the creativity that runs through our business. Our culinary expertise in recipe development and operational excellence means we can find a way to translate the most obscure dish into commercially viable innovation.

We are also pretty nerdy when it comes to understanding ingredients and processes, so we know how to best combine these to achieve way more than the sum of the parts. It is possible to deliver the highest quality across the price points, don’t let people tell you otherwise.

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what do we stand for?

As people, we are so committed to ensuring our customers have the best possible customer experience and our consumers love eating our products. It’s our job to come up with the next thing, justify its existence and then deliver it safely to a high and consistent quality.

We are proud of our understanding of our sector, customers and consumers and we use this knowledge to develop and launch award winning products that fit consumer lifestyles.

We treat each other as grown-ups and don’t shy away from difficult conversations; we do what’s right, not just what the industry expects.

We believe our self-sustaining business, where improvement and external learning is habitual, will sustain these principles.

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want to chat?

We like meeting interesting people. If you think there is something we can help you with or you have the energy and love for life to work with us then come in for a chat.

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Tel: +44 (0)1422 254 222

Email: info@newivory.com